Introduction specialises in providing online business credit and company information to businesses and individuals in the UK working in partnership with Our reports are available instantly online, with no registration required to purchase.

How to Start
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Business Credit Reports

We offer a comprehensive range of business credit reports on both limited and non-limited UK businesses. Our reports include: company accounts, credit check, credit rating, company profile, credit score, credit reference, credit limit, company director details and CCJ's.

We recommend, as a minimum, purchasing a credit report whenever a new trading relationship or account is set up, a customer defaults on a payment or requests a significantly higher credit limit, a significant credit event occurs or when a periodic review of a key customer or supplier is due.

Companies House Documents

Documents filed at Companies House are available for all UK limited companies, including annual accounts, annual report, annual returns and company director changes.

Company Director Reports

Our Company Director Report provides details of all the company directors for a specified limited company. Our Individual Director Report provides details of all the directorships for a named individual (use Director Search).

International Reports

Our International Reports are freshly commissioned on limited and quoted companies registered around the world.

Credit Monitoring

Our free credit monitoring service notifies you by email every time there is a potential credit risk on one of your monitored UK businesses. Monitored events include: winding up petitions, county court judgments, insolvency filings, dissolution filings, severe audit qualifications, change of director, change of company name, new mortgages and charges, changes in total issued share capital, change of registered office, change of ultimate holding company, availability of annual accounts filed at Companies House, availability of annual returns filed at Companies House, change of risk score and change of credit limit. Our credit monitoring system is an essential credit management tool to assist credit managers and credit controllers with their credit control procedures.